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Software Reference Modeling for High Reliability

The research aims to develop a software reference model to forecast software's maximum potential reliability before development work commences, and at the same time provide platform selections that satisfy the target reliability for the concerned software. Our approach studies the reliability impacts effected by ISA, OS, compilers, and programming languages, and combines the results into one reliability-distribution model.


HERMES (Highly Extensible and Reliable Modular Eco-Sphere) IT Shield aims to develop a virtual shield that protects IT systems from the impact of both natural and man-made disasters such as fires, earthquakes, floods, viruses, intrusions, terrorist attacks, and wars. By taking a holistic view of the issue of disaster defense for IT systems and developing a suite of targeted defensive capabilities, HERMES can achieve the effect of disaster preemption (provides uninterrupted service by neutralizing the effect of disasters), disaster recovery (quickly recovers from disaster-induced service interruption), disaster locking (blocks the spread of disaster impact to other components), and disaster abruption.

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