Ph.D.- University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, USA
M.S. - Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China
B.S.-   Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan, China

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As of today, the first and second most generous philanthropists in the world are Warren Buffett (Oracle of Oamaha) and Bill Gates (Founder of Microsoft), with charitable donatations of more than 40 and 30 billion US dollars respectively. There could be ten thousands explanations behind their charitable acts, or there could be just one true reason. Which of the following is their most likely motive?

A: Compassion.
B: Peer pressure.
C: Personal glory.
D: Being christians.
E: Despisement of money.
F: Wanting to go to heaven.
G: Making peace with oneself.
H: Remedying their past wrongdoings.
I: None of the above.

If your answer is I, then what is your speculation on their motive?
If you know the true answer, you may have discovered life's mystery.

My research interests include Reliable Software Design, Available IT Systems, Secure Storage, and Cloud Computing.

In addition to research, I believe one should also teach, for that is all there is to a faculty member.

Priori to joining Shanghai Jiao Tong University in October 2003, I had worked for more than 8 years with (in chronological order) IBM, National Data Corporation, AT&T Bell Labs, and EMC Corporation, respectively.

Current research projects include software reference modeling for high reliability, automated secure data backup/restore, and  HERMES IT/cloud shield.

Current teaching courses include Operating Systems, Windows Internals, Programming, Data Structure, Algorithms, IT Disaster Recovery, Professional English, etc.

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Hengming Zou, Ph.D.
- In Pursuit of Absolute Simplicity 求于至简,归于永恒